Part-time professorship "Material Diversity of Monuments"

initially limited

Contract period

0.25 FTE

(5 SWS)




Summer term 2025


Your tasks

The professorship "Material Diversity of Monuments" plays a connecting and comprehensive role within the specialisations of Wood, Stone and Wall Painting Conservation of the Conservation and Restoration degree programme and supports those primarily in the area of the main focus of the degree programme, which is "Preservation of Historical Monuments". The professorship is based in the Bachelor's degree programme, but teaching content in the Master's degree programme as well as the supervision of final theses are also part of the responsibilities.

The professorship "Material Diversity of Monuments" in Conservation and Restoration deals with the interaction of materials found on monuments from a conservation perspective. This includes material expertise extending the existing specialisations, knowledge in historical technologies, function and use of objects, ageing processes, damage patterns and causes of damage as well as issues regarding storage and climatic conditions.

In seminar-style excursions as well as in lectures and workshops, you will impart basic knowledge of a range of materials that can be found on the building’s exterior as well as in the interior of a monument. You will draw on projects and contacts from your own practical experience in the field of heritage conservation.

Your qualifications

  • You fulfil the legal requirements for employment in accordance with § 43 (1) points 1 to 3 and 4b of the Brandenburg Higher Education Act (Brandenburgisches Hochschulgesetz - BbgHG) and can prove your special aptitude for academic work through the quality of a doctorate.
  • Pursuant to Section 60 (1) BbgHG, you have a main occupation that is related to the tasks of the professorship in a conducive context.
  • You have a university degree, preferably in conservation and restoration in a field related to the preservation of historic monuments.
  • You have sound theoretical knowledge of materials as well as practical experience in conservation research and application in the field of various materials and material combinations on monuments, preferably with a focus on metallurgy, and can demonstrate this through your own professional activity, specialist publications, project documentations and participation in the relevant specialist discourse.
  • You have qualified pedagogical and didactic skills and experience in teaching theoretical content.
  • You have experience in the field of third-party funded projects (scientific and/or economic) in a national and international context and ideally also in cooperation with other universities and non-university research institutions, especially in the Berlin-Brandenburg region, as well as in technology and knowledge transfer with partners in the region and at national and international level.

Beyond that, we would like you to

  • further develop our didactic principle of research-led teaching through specific research and transfer formats that are interlinked with teaching,
  • be open to developing digital teaching formats and offering courses in English,
  • participate in interdisciplinary courses,
  • are committed to raising the profile of our research focus on "Design ∙ Build ∙ Preserve",
  • further advance our regional and international cooperation in teaching, research and practice,
  • have passion and resilience for teaching, research, transfer, academic self-administration and inclusive departmental development.

Our offer

  • You can look forward to a dynamic and collegial working atmosphere, motivated Bachelor's and Master's students and getting impulses from your teaching, which you can organise flexibly (excursions, lectures, seminars, etc.).
  • You can expect a modern digital infrastructure for teaching and research as well as a lively campus with a canteen in a beautiful location not far from the city centre.
  • We promote the compatibility of family and career through counselling services, childcare, holiday camps and much more.
  • The campus is easily accessible by public transport. We support your mobility with a company ticket and free parking.

In the case of a first-time appointment, the employment relationship is initially limited in time in accordance with § 60 (1) BbgHG. The duration of the fixed term is five years. An extension or cancellation is possible without a new advertisement if the budgetary requirements are met, the evaluation is positive and the position is anchored in the university's development and establishment plan.

In the state of Brandenburg, alongside a basic salary, "W" salaries include additional basic performance components. Information on this and on the formal requirements of the Brandenburg Higher Education Act (BbgHG) can be found on the FHP website and the website of the Brandenburg central pay office.

Your application

In addition to the usual application documents, (CV, certificates and references, list of publications and projects, proof of professional and teaching activities ideally with evaluation results), please submit the following documents by 31.08.2024 exclusively via our online application portal:

  • a teaching concept on the subject of material diversity on monuments
  • a presentation of current and future areas of research in connection with material diversity on monuments and
  • two publications relevant to the professorship

Please also name three to four references that the appointment committee can contact.

The University of Applied Sciences Potsdam is committed to diversity of perspectives and equal opportunities and strives for a balanced gender ratio in all areas. Therefore, we will give preference to women in areas in which they are underrepresented, if they are equally qualified and capable.

We expressly invite people with a migration history to apply and are also looking forward to applications from abroad. Please note that our teaching language is German.

Applications from severely handicapped persons will be given preferential consideration in the case finof equal aptitude and ability. Please indicate any disability in your application.


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